Removable Pool Fencing

A Safe Pool is a leader in pool safety. Removable mesh pool fences are absolute because of the strong and very transparent mesh, climb-resistant nature, and the ease of removability. Removable swimming pool safety fences have been used for many decades to help prevent the drowning of a loved one. Our mesh swimming pool fences create a strong barrier between your home and your swimming pool while still allowing a clear view of your pool. A Safe Pool removable pool fences can easily be taken down in a short amount of time by an adult.

Please review product detail information, which we think will be helpful in your research. Please also view our frequently asked questions about removable pool fences. As always we are here to answer your questions about your removable pool fence and we will be more than happy to discuss your pool safety options.

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General Information

A Safe Pool removable pool fence is constructed with Textilene polyester mesh fabric utilizing a mildew resistant polyvinyl coating that provides years of use in the harshest sunlight and the most extreme winter. It’s woven with a continuous basket weave that boasts an incredible tensile strength rating of 270 lbs. per inch making it impossible to rip under normal use. The mesh comes in black, brown, white, or green. Bordered on all four sides by a reinforced vinyl material with a rating of 387 lbs., the fence is kept from sagging and the necessary tension is maintained throughout at the top and bottom. The border can be considered the most critical part of the pool fence. All borders are quad stitched with the strongest marine thread to allow for years of abuse from direct sunlight and the elements. Be sure your pool fence has four stitches in the border.

A Safe Pool takes pride in our product, selection, savings and service. These are just a few reasons why you should trust an A Safe Pool dealer. All of our products have been tested by ASTM Certified Testing Facilities. All of our products meet ASTM 1346-91 which governs swimming pool safety. It is very clear that the safety of your pool is our number one concern.

As an added convenience and peace of mind to our removable mesh pool fence, we also offer a self-closing, self-latching gate with a key lock. A Safe Pool estimators in your area will be pleased to come to your home to discuss your safety needs with you and to show you why A Safe Pool is your best value. Your pool fence will be installed by highly trained professionals and will come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. We know that you have made the right decision in purchasing a removable mesh pool fence and an even better choice in choosing A Safe Pool to help you with it.

A Safe Pool is a removable product which means you can put it up and take it down as often as you see necessary. It is easily removed in minutes and is also easily stored. Removable Swimming Pool Fences are also transparent so you can still see your pool. A Safe Pool Fence comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.

How It Works

Removable pool fencing is the most popular type of swimming pool fence on the market today. This type of pool fencing provides a secure barrier than can be taken down or moved by an adult, according to the current needs of the pool owners.

Our lightweight yet sturdy pool fencing can be installed and removed in minutes. Depending on the type of fence that you choose, installation requires the drilling of either 5/8 or 1” holes in concrete decking or other surfaces where your pool fence is desired. Sleeves are then used to support the pool fencing poles that are inserted in the holes. When the fence is taken out the holes are camouflaged with color-coordinated caps.

To put the swimming pool fencing up, an adult simply places the first pole in the first hole and unrolls the pool fencing. The adult then inserts the second pole in the second hole, and continues on until the fence is completely up.

To remove A Safe Pool fencing, an adult releases the tension and lifts up on the first pole. The swimming pool fencing is then rolled to the second pole, which is lifted and rolled to the third and continue this until the fence is completely down. The gate is easily removed in two pieces.

Common Questions About Removable Pool Fences

What are the advantages of owning a Removable Swimming Pool Safety Fence?

They are climb-resistant. They do not require maintenance. You have the option of having it up or down. It is typically the most cost-effective way to secure your pool.

Will a Removable Swimming Pool Safety Fence work on my pool?

A Safe Pool can customize a fence to secure just about any pool. We can install the removable pool fence around different shaped pools or over various surfaces and elevations. Our team of experts can help you determine the best location for your fence so that you are able to maximize the use of your yard.

Will holes have to be drilled in to my deck?

Yes. Depending on the type of mesh fence you choose you will either need a 5/8 hole or a 1” hole drilled in your concrete decking to secure the deck sleeves and support the poles. We have highly trained and experienced professionals that use the necessary equipment needed to insure that the surrounding concrete is not damaged when drilling the appropriate hole. Your fence will also come with caps that camouflage the holes when the fence is not in use.

Does the A Safe Pool product come with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Yes, it does. The warranty covers every part of the pool fence against any manufacturer’s defect. No legitimate warranty claim has ever been denied. In the unlikely event that you have any problem for as long as you own your pool fence, we guarantee your complete satisfaction. We have been in business for many years and are a solid company so you can be assured knowing that we will be here for years to come should you have any problems with your fence.

Will a Removable Swimming Pool Fence satisfy regulatory agency requirements?

A Safe Pool removable pool fence is approved to meet code in most city and counties. A Safe Pool fence also meets the requirements for daycare, foster and adoptions. Please contact us to discuss any specific questions regarding the rules and regulations in your area.