A Safe Pool Automatic Swimming Pool Covers save lives…save money…and are good for the environment. We sum it all up with our catch phrase: Beautiful, Safe & Greenâ„¢


The Benefit of Saving Money


A Safe Pool Automatic Swimming Pool Covers save you money, and have a Return on Investment (ROI) of approximately 3 years. The savings potential has been proven over and over again with major studies including the most conclusive and expansive study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy. To See many of these Studies go to www.ISPACA.org . To put it in simple terms…you place a roof on a house to contain the heat and save energy…a swimming pool cover does the same thing for a heated pool.

A swimming pool cover can save you Up to 85% on your annual pool heating bill, Up to 93% of water evaporation can be stopped and can reduce your chemical bills by as much as 50%. A pool cover also saves you the cost of repleneshing the water every month. 


The Benefit of Saving Lives!


A Safe Pool Specialists® automatic swimming pool cover is classified as an “Isolation” Barrier, which unlike other barriers or fences, actually isolates the pool water from the pool deck and its surroundings. Children are drawn to water they can see, this “Isolation” of the water removes much of the temptation because it completely covers the water. Other safety devices only block access to the water or sound an alarm once the child is in the pool. An automatic swimming pool cover has tracks on two sides, a leading edge bar, and a motor assembly at one end, physically sealing off all points of entry into the water. They can be walked on, but cannot easily be climbed over or under to get to the water. 

Several Major States, Florida, California and Indiana, now recognize ASTM compliant “Automatic” or “Powered” swimming pool covers as “Stand Alone Barriers” due to their ability to be a horizontal fence and an isolation barrier. 

Out of the three recommended safety barriers, an automatic swimming pool cover is still the only isolation barrier, and one of the safest investments you could ever make for protecting your family and pets. 


The Benefit of being Green and Saving the Environment


A Safe Pool Automatic Swimming Pool Cover is “GREEN” and can save up to 20,000 gallons of evaporated water or more per year. A pool cover reduces evaporation by 90-95%, as per the U.S. Department of Energy study and will also cut down on chemical usage…mainly because chemicals dissipate with the evaporation and from wind blowing across the top of the water. Pool covers also cut down on carbon emmissions when you have a heated pool, with the average being a savings pf up to 3 to 6 tons of hydrocarbons kept from being released into the atmosphere…all from having a swimming pool cover.

Here is a standard pool water evaporation chart

    Monthly Loss Monthly Loss Monthly Loss
Pool Size Surface Area 1/2 inch evaporation per week 1 inch evaporation per week 2 inch evaporation per week
15 X 30 450 sqft. 600 gal. 1200 gal. 2400 gal.
16 X 30 576 sqft. 771 gal. 1542 gal. 3084 gal.
18 X 36 648 sqft. 865 gal. 1730 gal. 3460 gal.
20 X 40 800 sqft. 1071 gal. 2142 gal. 4284 gal.

Pool evaporation rates vary based on air movement, heat, shade, water temperature, and humidity. Arrive at your pools present rate of evaporation by marking a spot on your pool wall and observe the lower water level. Then compute the monthly savings you could achieve using an automatic pool cover  


The Benefits of Convenience

 A Safe Pool Automatic Swimming Pool Cover saves time, effort, and “your” energy! Almost all other manual, pin-down and mesh safety covers are cumbersome and in some cases require more then 1 person to put on and remove. They can also take from several minutes to 30 minutes to over an hour to install and remove, which does not work when you are trying to run and catch the ringing phone, have to step inside for just a minute…while the kids are playing in the back yard. When a pool cover isn’t convenient…the pool owner does not use it and does not see any of the benefits listed on this page…bottom line, a pool cover only works when you use it. Here’s where the A Safe Pool Infinity 4000â„¢ shines. Just flip a switch or type your code into the touchpad, and in just seconds the pool can be covered or uncovered..No lugging heavy tarps or hand cranking. It is the convenience of opening or closing your pool in seconds, as often as you like, that helps reduce energy consumption and gives you the time to enjoy your pool. You get big benefits with no effort. Your pool should be an oasis from your busy life, a place to be pampered. Because automatic pool covers keep pools free of dirt, leaves and other debris, you’ll spend a lot more time enjoying your pool and a lot less time cleaning your pool–or paying someone else to do it for you.