At A Safe Pool, the dream of making every pool safe is one dream that is close to our hearts! We are making this dream a reality by giving back to others. When you purchase a fence, safety net or cover from us, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to our Prevent a Drowing Program which helps families that also need a safety barrier but can simply not afford one.

You’ll find comfort in knowing that the purchase of A Safe Pool Barrier will not only save your own children’s life, but will also help countless families to be proactive in doing the same. Our Prevent a Drowing Program mission is to install barriers for foster homes, childcare facilities, military service families and any family that is found to be unable to purchase a barrier on their own . We are proud to support our community and make each pool safer – and help save a child’s life – one barrier at a time.

All of us at A Safe Pool sincerely thank you for partnering with us to help provide safer water experiences for those most in need!