Pool Safety Nets

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Swimming pool safety nets offer another alternative to preventing infants and toddlers from being able to enter the pool. The squares are small enough so that a child’s head or body cannot fit through them, but are also too large to allow them to walk, jump or play on the net. The advantages of the pool safety nets are:

  • The swimming pool safety nets provide a safe and secure barrier while maximizing the available backyard space and preserving the view of the pool
  • Custom made to fit your pool
  • Able to choose black, tan, brown, or blue net material
  • Can be removed in 5 minutes and put back up in 5 to 10 minutes by one adult. The pool safety net requires the use of a special tool to open and release the cover. Parent-controlled access to this tool means controlled access to the pool area
  • The swimming pool safety nets have been developed and rigorously tested to meet standards that will provide you with the highest of quality

Safety is our #1 concern, which is why it should be easy to trust us. Savings and service are just another great aspect of our company. All A Safe Pool safety nets come in a selection of styles and strengths with features that are unavailable elsewhere. Put your trust in us for your next swimming pool safety net.